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Recipe Name: Hand Rolled Sushi (Do-It-Yourself Sushi)

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Submitted By: Jennifer Hessmer

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Occasion: Any
Effort: Easy

Sushi rice
Nori 5 sheets
Fillings (see list bellow)
Pickled ginger if you prefer
Japanese soy sauce

How to Prepare:

1. Cut nori sheets into quarters or halves.
2. Place 1-2 tablespoons rice in center of nori and spread. Put on top
your favorite fillings (be creative!) and roll.

Fillings list:

shredded carrot, cucumber, kimchee, lettuce, steamed kale, seasoned shitake
mushrooms, snow pea sprouts, umeboshi paste, steamed asparagus, avocado,
bell peppers, capers, cooked spinach, scallions, etc
Fish/meat options: smoked salmon, canned tuna/salmon with wasabi mayonnaise,
caviar, small omelette, grilled chicken/salmon, etc

© Yukiko Yuasa "Sushi and Sea Vegetables"
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